Display area value

This is surely a newbie problem, but I can’t find any indications of a solution anywhere, videos, manual or forum.
I am in the concept phase of an architectural project. I need to create several different 2D closed shapes which represent my rooms in this design phase. It would be enormously helpful if I could see an area dimension for each of my shapes. I know I can get that by tapping on each shape as an info in the lower part of my drawing area. But as soon as the shape is deselected I can’t see it anymore. Is it possible to have it stuck to the shape, and possibly update with changes, exactly like linear measurements already function?

Hi Davide, this is currently not possible in Shapr3d and also since dimensions can only be updated by tapping on the sketch element to input a new numerical dimension. Thanks for your understanding and feedback. I have passed over your feedback to our product team.

Thank you for your quick reply. Great to see a community work this well.
Shapr3D could be a powerful tool for architectural concept design, but we absolutely need to see area values, they’re indispensable especially during this design phase where rooms are nothing but empty containers. Since their only characteristics are area and shape we need to be able to visualize both.

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Makes total sense, thanks for the feedback. In general we are working on dimension display improvements, we will consider your request as well.