How to create helix around cylinder or cone


I would like to create an helix around a cylinder or cone. I saw it was possible to create directly an helix spline around the cylinder surface but don’t find how to do it, is somebody could explain it to me ?

Thanks in advance !

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@Cdaum Hi welcome to the S3D Forum
A great place to find out ‘how to’ in S3D is by searching the Forum.

Here is link to just one of many Threads on this subject:

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Hi @Gelphyn thanks for your answer.

The method that I talked about is this one, describe on the first post here :

How can I do that ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sketch a Circle > Add > Construction Plane > Perpendicular to Curve a Point [this is shown selected for clarity]:

Select the Light Blue Circular Shape > Pull up to the desired height [In this case 10mm]

Double Tap with your Finger on the Construction Pane [CP] [zoom in so that you can hit the target accurately, you can Scale the CP as required]
Sketch > Circle from Centre [used in this case but you can use any Closed Shape to Extrude or in contact with the Cylinder to form a Mark/Groove/whatever] ] in the desired position on the CP

Add > Construction Axis > Through a Cylinder or Cone:

Tools > Revolve > Select the Circle sketched on the CP [zoom in to the Circle or tap on the Navigation Cube top right to orient the Design into 3D if necessary to achieve the ‘highlight’] > Next > Select a Line or Edge for Axis > Hit the Added Axis

In the Dialogue Box top Left tap the ‘0’ under Height > Input in 10 or destination height needed then Hit the Green Checkmark area [the resulting Body has been coloured Red for clarity]:

If e.g., you need two revolutions change the Angle to 720º, and so on.

Thanks for the method but it doesn’t work for creating a conic helix or conic sprint, is it an easy way to create a conic helix drawing, and then use it for a sweep ?

I was guided by the image displayed at the top of your Link:

My offering was to enable you to achieve that objective.

Unfortunately I am too busy presently to investigate the ‘Conical’ aspect you need.
I have never needed anything like that and have nothing on file regarding the subject.
However there are solutions available on this Forum and suggestions have already been made to assist you in locating them.

Good luck with your search, please get back to the Forum if you still need help.
The S3D Team or other Subscribers, like myself, may be able to chip in with assistance.