Dredd's Lawgiver


This one’s done. Built entirely in Shapr3D.

Time to move on to the next project…

Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver MkII

Few different screens:


Awesome !!!


Dredd’s Lawmaster
/work in progress/


This is amazing.


How long did this take ?
How many groups did you use for this etc ?
Fantastic work !!!


Hey Carl! Thanks!
I would say 4-5 days ( few hrs a day ).
Still testing (and learning) the app and trying to find the most streamlined and most comfortable workflow for myself. I deliberately chose something more challenging, so that I can learn and find solutions to any potential problems I encounter along the way.
I think there’s maybe 5 groups (layers) altogether, but certain elements are separate objects inside the said layers.
Watched every tutorial on the web available, in the first few days of getting the app, that helped me big time. Need more (video tutorials) though :wink:


What tutorials would you like to see?


Hi Istvan,
If possible, I would love to see some full car tutorials for example.
Also, maybe how to achieve more complex shapes (motorbike fuel tank, etc).

But, as I said all of the tutorials so far have been excellent and extremely helpful in getting to grips with Shapr3D.


Experimenting with Shapr3d and Procreate:


Very nice work… Could you please relate your past experiences with CAD or other Solid Modeling applications?

I too found the tutorial videos quite informative.




Hi tommyn!
I’ve used Zbrush and Modo in the past, but mostly Sketchup over the last few years. That’s about it!
Sketchup was more than enough for what I needed as opposed to more robust 3D programs, where you need to be mindful of topology, geometry, etc.


Dracula :+1:t2:
Fantastic my man


Amazing nice mix with the procreate, good as a render option.


Lawmaster (2000AD / old school) work in progress: