Edge Projections are problematic as .DXF or .SVG for CNC and laser

I have been designing some equipment for a Hammond Mfg. case. 1456RL1WHBU - Hammond Mfg.

Hammon provides STEP files for the enclosure which I have imported into the Shapr3D project. Various items are being placed on the top panel — Switches, Indicators, meter displays and a Arduino display. I laid out the panel and then, subtracted all of the aforementioned from the top panel. This yields the holes for the aforementioned in the top panel.

I then projected the edges of the top panel to a sketch plane. After creating the sketch plane, I export the sketch plane using Sketches as .DXF and or .SVG files. I use these for laser cutting and CNC cutting. The problem is that, with CNC, there appear to be multiple vectors for lines in the sketches and the CNC goes back to CUT where it has already CUT. I see this sample problem with the laser. Cuts that have already been made are revisited by the laser.

I’ve also observed that the laser software, if asked to engrave these same areas, does not properly fill the areas for engraving.

I have created a Shapr3D project to demonstrate this. I used various shapes (circles, triangles, square, pentagons and hexagons) as well as characters A, B, C, D and E.

If I could be instructed as to how to upload my project for you to review, I will do so. This inability to properly project edges to make .DXF files is hampering my production of the final physical project.

I put the problem demo on Google Drive. The link is here:

This problem is holding up development.