"Transform failed because of constraint" -- which constraint?

This is a help and a feature request.

When a move/rotate (and probably other transforms as well) fail because some of the constraints couldn’t be satisfied, Shapr3D gives an error “Transform failed because sketch constraints couldn’t be solved”, but it doesn’t give any hints on which constraints those are, so often I have no idea what to remove or adjust.

In the screenshot below, I have these constraints:

  • The circle mid point and radius is fixed.
  • The two lines (10 cm each) have fixed lengths, and the angle between the end points is 180 degrees.

Given these, I don’t know why I’m unable to rotate the selected lines more than some amount. I would expect the line rotate around the mid point freely, 360 degrees. But apparently there’s some constraint that can’t be solved as I rotate, and Shapr3D doesn’t give any hints on which constraints those may be.

Hello keeb123,

You may wish to try copy, and then move.