Export 3d DXF file / Export only shows planes instead of 3d body


I struggle with exporting a 3D dxf file of an object. When I export it, the DXF file will only show a 2d version with planes instead of bodies. In the picture you see to the left the object I want to export and to the right how the export looks:

Does anybody know what I am missing here?

NB: I have to use DXF, the acryl cutting company will only accept dxf.



Hi Armin!

At the moment, 3D DXF is not supported by Shapr3D as an import/export format. To export 3D bodies, please use X_T, STEP, or IGES formats.

Does your vendor accepts 3D DXF only?

Hi Peter,

yes, that is issue here. They only accept 3D DXF.

Hey Armin…if you want, send me your file as a STEP or IGES and I can convert it in AutoCAD. If you get it to me ASAP I can get it back to you while I’m at work.

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