Export marked objects?

Hi guys,
Is it possible just to export marked objects, isolated objects,…?

In my company the freaks created a very complex drawing and I need just some objects for another drawing. Possible?

Greets and thanks


Yes it is possible to export marked objects. Just hide the bodies which you don’t want and you can export your model.

Isolate the solid you want to export, then export :slight_smile:

He didn’t mention a type file.


thanks to all … yes, thought of exporting to the Shpar3d file format … so, what is the best type file to export to when I will reuse the export in Shapr3D?

X_T, which is Parasolid format. Shapr3D uses the Parasolid engine.

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I recommend Step for assemblies

This works really fine and that’s what I am looking for. Thanks! Solved!