Extrude/Cut or move one axis only up to selected face instead of measuring?

Please, how do I Extrude/Cut up to selected face instead of measuring?

Not sure what you mean. Can you give an example photo/movie?

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I think Do.B means snapping an extrusion to a surface.

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But what about when making axial move’s ?

I don’t understand your question.
Can you please explain this clearly, maybe with an example?

This video says nothing.
If you can explain your problem correctly, you would save yourself and us a lot of time to solve the puzzle.

I’m lost too… :astonished:

Tbh Im doing a comparaison to F360

In F360, if you drag a solid on one axis then select a face of another solid on the same axis, it will drag the components up to the selected face. So you don’t have to measure and do math.

Wow, I just learned something! I would have thought that the command should be called “extend to face” or something like that… but I’ll get used to “replace face”. (Maybe!!!)

this isn’t related to axial move’s

I agree on your point!

For an axial move, there is no snapping to faces. You can only drag the arrows or type in a number…

Now where is this video with your example?
I still don’t know what your problem is.

I think I’m starting to understand what you’re looking for.
With Shapr3D it’s even easier, you have an automatic alignment of individual parts or assemblies.
You only have to select edges or faces.
I made a short video:

Translate is also another solution to push something into place without measuring:

This is what I mean by Axial snapping move’s.

For the moment Translate feature isn’t cooperating well for me. Cannot find midpoint.

I don’t really see any problems pushing this fan to the right place using automatic alignment or translate.
I’ve never had a problem with the center not being found.
If you can send me this as x_t and I’ll take a look.