Feature request related to additive manufacturing

I asked here and there but here my suggestions

1 HQ stls are not manifold when exported
2 uniform mesh would be nice or “define maximum element”. Important when you want to morph the output later
3 3mf support. Files are much smaller and lots of full color options
4 obj import (and 3mf)
5 bitmap textures

Thank you for this great app. Excited to see it’s iterations

Thanks for the suggestions - Can you please send us a HQ-STL (and the workspace), where you experience the first problem you mention?

Other suggestions are noted - thank you

Hello Daniel,
Sorry the design is copyrighted by a client. Will send a solid if I have it another design. Opened by double clicking in Windows 10 opening 3D Builder. Also Netfabb reported errors. Not when exported as low res.

Interesting - it shouldn’t happen. We will take a look, and please keep us updated

Here a screenshot of how the mesh should look squarified and unified ideally. If you run into memory limitations just suggest a split body for the user.
BTW that would be another great feature. Split bodies without a lot of actions needed.

This is how Netfabb does it with adaptive remeshing which is good for morphing too.

I seems impossible to work with your output meshes. Too much mesh errors. I have a file I can share. Where to send?

Hey - Daniel or support@shapr3d.com - we will take a look. Sorry about this, once we have enough info we Will be able to fix it