File too Large leading to "visualize bugs"

Hi everyone hoping someone can help me and give me some advice. Been working with shapr3d for quite some time now but I still can’t get my files optimized in the file size sense and I think that is leading my visualize feature to not work properly. I do usually bring in a lot of premade models which are definitely what’s causing this but I’m not sure how to fix it. So I guess my first question is what’s the best (In the size sense) import format for 3d models? right now I’m importing in obj because they are editable rather than mesh like in STL format. I’ve posted a few pictures below so you can get a sense of the items and 3d model I have but the file is over 300MB :(. I’m guessing this is what it giving me visualize problems too so if anyone has any pointers that would be much appreciated. I do have the actual file but its very large as stated above if anyone wants to check out the file.


Could you upload the file to a cloud storage and share it? We could investigate the issue.

What device are you using? The issue is usually running out of available memory.

Hi Laci,
Here is the link to the file on google drive. I am using a 2018 15in macbook pro with 2.6ghz 6 core i7 with 16gb of ram and the gpu is the 560x

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Thanks, we will check!

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Yea definitely don’t doubt running out of memory with a 300mb file so I guess the question really becomes whats the best way of importing objects so I don’t overload or make the file inadvertently larger because it’s not the right format for shapr to properly read and therefore is repairing geometry it doesn’t actually need to. because on the surface I cannot see any of the models I’ve imported being that heavy in terms of polygons or meshes. thank you so much

Best format would be x_t or x_b as they are native to Parasolid which we are running on, so the geometries are right.

Meshes are always a bit problematic, as they can have all kinds of issues, tiny holes in them, being one-sided, a surface instead of a solid body and the list goes on.

I took a quick look, seems like there are lots of broken geometries, which are then (because of this) rendered in a faulty way. Unfortunately I don’t really see a way to repair it inside Shapr, so the solution would be to get models in the better format, or draw them inside the app.