First Observations on MacOS Shapr3D

I agree, and it will most likely come in due time. :slight_smile: I can assure you, we have a VERY big list we still need to develop for the mac version.

It’ll be worth it as the only reasonably priced parasolid based Mac app.

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Did you receive the update? Some users received it later (still under investigation), but it should be good now.

It was offered to me last night when I opened the app and installed fine. Thanks for the follow-up.

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How is Apple M1 chip based Macbook Pro handling Shapr3D. Is 8GB RAM sufficient? Is there anyone who has worked on multiple component designs on the platform…how’s the experience?

Super fast. We are running natively on Apple Silicon, the performance it amazing. I strongly recommend the M1 devices for Shapr3D.

As always, it depends on your use case. If you are making very large, complex designs, you can run out of memory, but this can happen with 16 gigs, just later. Since you can’t upgrade memory capacity on the M1 platform, I would recommend going for the 16 gigs model, especially if you also want to run other programs, or something memory hungry in the background (looking at Chrome… :slight_smile: ).

The performance is better than a 2019 i9 MBP with 4 GB dedicated 5500M, so no problems on that side.

Thanks…a nice suggestion on RAM.

Hi again. First of all: Still love Shapr3D for Mac :slight_smile:
Problem is when I work at office MacBook with big monitor and then leave to home iMac, I am logged out. Logging in at home iMac to do some adjustment and then off to customer with MacBook, which is logged out again. Logging in at customer site on MacBook for tweaks, and back home to iMac, witch now is logged out. Seems like only one device can be connected to the same user. This sucks. Should be connected to Apple ID instead of device, or accepted minimum 2 devices.

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