First Observations on MacOS Shapr3D

It makes it hard to randomly rotate a model. Since SW is pretty much the standard across about 70% of the CAD world that makes things from models, it would seem to make more sense to adopt their tried and true methodology.

At the very least, could you adopt their “space bar to get the camera cube” method? The Shapr3D cube is so very tiny.

Don’t get me wrong, Shapr3D is a great program, I use it often, but I also make actual machined and molded parts and assemblies and there are times I get frustrated by the constraints of Shapr’s rotation feature!


I understand that you don’t like the current camera interaction, but so far we didn’t get too many complaints about it. We always keep our eyes open for improvements, so if this comes up more frequently, we’ll definitely improve it.

Can you share a screenshot of your screen with the cube? I’m wondering why it’s small for you.

Pic 1 = Humor vs. Pic 2 = reality

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Thanks for the information - looks like just have to use the cube more as opposed to “dragging.” Is there a way to make it a little bigger?

Here is a user who would like to see that “improvement” as well :slight_smile: