Folders, please!

I don’t want to hear any excuses of future plans…

I just want simple folder hierarchy! I am using this app since 3 years I guess, and I have so many designs. I can’t look trough anymore, and every time I open something old it gets listed to the first once.

It drives me mad, and angry, you made such a endless genius grate tool!! But it is very very endless enjoying how I have to stray around to find anything. It is stupidly enjoying and I can not get it why you still didn’t have done that. Yeah you might have big big cloud what so ever features planed for the upcoming feature. But until this fantasy day it is just a mess to go trough his designs.

Every 15 years old good swift programmer could do that, at least as a place holder until u have released your super duper cloud folder orgie. But I need some simple Folders NOW or since years!! It is so fucking basic please do it shift some things and make it happen as soon as possible.

It drives me MAD!


Heart one year before, and I am not the only one that is annoyed by it!

What he posted:
Yea, Christmas is way behind the mountain - and still no folder-structure in sight. It’s getting more and more annoying - and absurd. You keep adding features and features … but the most basic thing is still missing.

This is nearly 1 years ago.

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Yes please. It’s such hard work to try and find designs, especially with different elements. Please, please give us a way of putting designs into folders. It is becoming increasingly difficult to Use the app.

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Yes come on! This seems like something that would have started with the launch of the app.

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With the start of the App, came iCloud Files. I have well over a 1000 designs done with Shapr3D , and each component, assembly, or sketch versions are all in Folders within Files. I can import I individual components or assemblies, as needed.


Adding another vote to get folders added!

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One more vote from me, again, about this topic.
Honestly, for an app so smart about workflow, how bad it is in just the basic organization of saved files is abysmal.
As for right now, I’m opening my files, exporting them, then deleting them from the Designs window. I’m forced to do it one by one, several clicks each, for something that in any other app would take just only a few clicks to copy all the files I need to archive at once.
It’s been more than one hour as I’m cleaning my library, and I’m getting more and more frustrated by this unnecessary burden.
It is been years since this issue has been raised and dismissed by a vague “we are planning to develop it” comment, just to be ignored.

Check out our summer product tour, you will see what’s coming soon :slight_smile:

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Hey Laci_K… how much longer are the Shapr3D team going to tease us with this ‘coming soon’ message.

We can see that good things are coming, but people get frustrated with the same response over and over.

Version 5.410 was released on July 4th with another teaser statement “Stay tuned for some big changes to Shapr3D in the next release” at the bottom of the post, only for another minor update announcement today with 5.420 and just more 2D drawings dimensions!

I love the product and can’t wait for the updates, but I just hate being strung along for what feels like forever.

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Well, there is no great way for this.

We can either: not say anything, causing frustration, or even making users feel ignored or
openly communicate what is being worked on, and showing how it will work soon.

In the end, it comes down to the personal preferences, who prefers which kind of communication.

We like to release things in a good state, so sometimes have to make a call of not releasing in the time we previously targeted, but we are willing to do so for it to be better. Also, sometimes seemingly simple things can be actually very complicated in the lower levels, especially when you are planning to release future features on top of it, which is the case for Folders too.


Been trying out Shapr3D for a week now. IMHO I have allot less frustration using this over Fusion 360.
Things here are far more intuitive than Fusion. What blows my mind though is how folders was never a feature out of the box. Who would want to have hundreds of drawings to scroll through.