I’m very lost with body/folders management ! Before I just had to hide objects I didn’t want to export and now it’s mad, i can’t understand how it can be on a upgrade ! That is slower than before

Hi Namin, I really sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. No need to worry though, we are happy to help :slight_smile: Can you explain what are the issues you are facing with regarding the new items UI?

Obviously I can’t export my project as I want and as I did it before. I used to create multipart project and export it in .obj format and with each part as a file (button pushed). Now, all my parts are in a folder and I can’t export them individually. Otherwise, I need to get my part one by one out of the folder.
I don’t see this new UI as fast as the previous one so…

Hello Namin, thank you for your response and further explanation. Every folder is actually saved as a separate file with the “save each group into separate files button” checked on the OBJ export window. You can organise your design parts in folders or export them anyway without been in a folder as every body in your design also gets exported as a separate file with the button checked.

This become something difficult to me also. I tried to transfer a body to another group and I did not found how to do it. To classify the groups and to move them it was easier. At the moment I prefer the way It was before.

Also to me😞

We are already working on a fix and making this better on our soon to be released application update version. We will keep improving this feature and your feedback is always welcome.