Free hand

Is there a way to draw free hand ?

Currently no.

This would indeed be a very nice improvement for a designer. I’d like to have two options… A hand drawn freehand arc would automagically be interpreted as a degree 2 bezier spline - and a hand drawn s-shape would become a degree 3 bezier.

As any design usually starts as a free hand sketch (in product design, architecture, etc) the above mentioned ability to interpret hand drawn free form curves as bezier splines would make this software take a giant step in usability for a product designer.

As it is now I feel that Shapr is more geared towards mechanical (boxy) design, but this added “free hand” feature would really make it much more usable for the whole design process in “free form” product design and ‘advanced’ architecture as well - perhaps even automotive design early in the design process.

We would of course also need to have the ability to combine different free form shapes (also on a surface level), blending between them (G1…G4) and so on - but that’s a different story.

What do you think @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D? Would free hand drawing be feasible to implement? I really think it would be a very important addition.


Technically it is possible, but how would you use it?

I was trying to create letters for personalization of objects. Ive seen some models at various sites that have very nice lettering.

I would use it for sketching :wink: A more flexible alternative to the arc- and spline-functionality we have now - when doing “form-finding” in the early stages of the design process. To me as a designer it seems quite obvious what it would be used for, but I’m perhaps not so good at explaining it to a developer. Sorry about that…

To be able to use open curves for modelling we would probably also need surface modelling possibilities - at the moment we can’t use open curves for extruding, lofting, etc. When modelling the outer surfaces (the “A-class surfaces”, if you will) for a product you usually only need the outer surface. No need to make the ‘skin’ a solid - that would come later in the process.

Thanks for listening :grinning:


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So basically you would use it as a more dynamic alternative for splines?


Hmmm, well I guess you could say so - depending on the implementation … but yeah, that’s basically it! :+1:


Am I wrong or if you want to freehand can’t you do that on paper, scan or take pic, convert to image or sag and import and convert. I may be misunderstanding how that all works but I do understand how awesome it would be to be able to freehand a lot of those important parts or hard to get to spaces.

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I like the sound of this too much. Furthermore, freeform bending of a surface is outstanding too as suggested by @Philip