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Hi @Kourosh,
I just answered the support ticket you opened, thanks for posting here also.

Having similar issues. Im using this cad app for 3d printing and cnc milling and cant seem to get consistent exports. Ill measure 3 times in the real world, draw and design replacement parts for my car, in shapr the dimensions and measurements are correct from my measuring notes, go to export and the dimensions will be off.

I thought it had to do with setting the unites of the project. So i started a new project, kept everything in mm. Export in mm and send to my 3d printing/CAM program and its still wonky.

Hello! What are the differences compared to the CAD model?

I had the same problem and they helped me out. The MM to inches thing is a glitch, surprised they didn’t fix it but it was probably a low priority given their additional major feature releases lately.

Anyways, they helped me out, use .3mf!

They recommended it, after that, zero problems with the dimensions. It’s supposedly the new standard over stl and step etc.

Let me know how it works out for you.

It seems you don’t except any of my email addresses.
I need to change from my iPad to the laptop some times as the iPad app will crash at anything over x amount of megabytes but when I do this it wants more money , wel if I’ve logged out on one then I should be able to log in on another on my account shouldn’t I ?

You should be able to use Shapr3D on up to three devices without having to log out. Can you please check if you run the latest, 5.531 version?

If it does not work after updating, please open a support ticket using the link below and let us know the following information:

  • The email address of your Shapr3D account is registered
  • The detailed hardware a software specs of the iPad and the laptop.

Help… I deleted the folder by mistake. There are many design files in it. How can I recover it?