Have you tried using the touchpad for navigation?

Hey, Windows users!

A few weeks ago we added the ability to navigate your viewport with the touchpad. We’ve been getting quite positive feedback about the UX we created for the Mac’s trackpad in the past year, but due to the diversity of the hardware and the way touchpads are handled by the OS we had to implement a new, different approach on Windows.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about it – have you tried it? Did you find it usable? Do you perhaps even prefer it to using a mouse (as many of our Mac users do)? Or was it confusing and horrible?

When I use Shapr3D for small things in my private life, I use the iPad Air and also the Microsoft Surface, both of course only with a pen.
With a pen, Shapr3D works very well.
For projects where Shapr3D is not enough, I use Windows CAD programs, there only with a normal mouse and / or the space mouse.
No touchpad is used in business either, only the normal mouse and the space mouse.
I haven’t owned any hardware that offers a touchpad for years, privately and for business.

My tip to make Windows users happy is the following:
Free choice of mouse buttons (zoom, slide, rotate, select) and keyboard commands.
The reason is that Windows users are used to using all 3 mouse buttons, and that all other Windows CAD programs offer free configuration.
Pro tip: The multiple selection should also be selectable (with the shift key or as with the pen) because it is cruel to switch back and forth from the pen version to the mouse version.
Many Windows users will love it.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any information on your actual question whether the touchpad works in the Windows version.

Hey Pascal! Great feedback, as usual, thanks.

With the Windows CAD programs you use the most, do you ever run into a situation though when you’d want to use the app but your mouse is not available to use? I’d imagine situations like when you hop onto a meeting, visit a client, waiting at an airport…


In all honesty, before I knew shapr3D, I only used CAD programs with powerful PCs.
I only use the Surface with customers with viewer and / or rendering.
I only got to know how to comfortably construct simple parts with a pen and a PAD on the sofa with Shapr3D.
Direct modeling was completely new to me, until now I only knew parametric construction.
I now know the differences and know what works with them and what doesn’t.
When Shapr3D has reached a certain level I will also try to use this in business for smaller projects where there is no need for parametric dependency.

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