Touch navigation Issue on windows

Hello Shapr3d Team,
I am a daily shapr3d User, I use shapr3d on my surface pro7. Recently, I have noticed it is getting harder and harder to navigate with touch. I don’t know if it’s the same case on Ipad. When I mean harder to navigate, It means when I swipe left and with 1 finger right instead of rotating my model left-right it turns up and down. The same happens vise versa. Therefore I am forced to use multiple fingers to navigate which makes it harder. I don’t know if this issue occurring because it is focusing more on the mouse and keyboard platform. hope you guys will have a solution.
until then keep up the good work.

Hey – thanks for the report! To the best of our knowledge, we have not changed anything around view navigation recently and we regularly test touch interactions with Surface devices, so the problem is likely specific to your setup or config.

Could you perhaps record a short video of what’s going on with “Display clicks” and “Display keyboard presses” enabled in Preferences? It’d help us debug the issue further.

Also, are touch interactions working all right in other apps? We are using the generic Windows interface to get the input from the system, so in most cases such changes appear in other apps as well.