Best input device MacOs? 3D mouse? Wacom? old ipad? Old Joystick?

I’d like to hear what you guys think is the best input devices for Mac. I suspect many just use mice and keyboards, but what if you want to take a step up??

I see Wacom’s are not supported, so I guess that’s ruled out, right?

Does a magic trackpad help with pan/zoom/rotate or is a 3D spacemouse a much better option for that?

Also wonder if anyone has tried using an iPad as second display. It would need to be a relativ new iPad with hover support in order to use it like a wacom I suppose…

O googled around and only for video on how to use magic mouse on ipad and kb/mouse on mac… Love to hear your input :slight_smile:

I tried using the 3DConnexion CadMouse Pro Mouse because it had a 3rd mouse button because I did not like clicking the mouse wheel (other CAD software that uses middle mouse button). However, to my surprise after a long while trying to get used to having a 3rd button decided to send it back. My muscle memory refused to adjust haha. It was also a bit flaky on MacOS, I had some technical issues with it too so I sent it back.

I can’t talk to any other methods as I’ve avoided them and am happy with keyboard mouse, especially that Shapr3D has keyboard shortcuts unless some other CAD programs I have used.

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I am using a 3D Connexion SpaceMouse PRO, a Logi MX3.
Since a few weeks I am experimenting with a ALOGIC 32" Touch Screen monitor with pen support.
I basically have a 32" iPad now. While the desktop version is not really pen optimized, it does a decent job actually.

Interesting @Tom_the_builder
And we are talking Mac os?? How does that touch screen work for zoom/pan/rotate?

Did you get the new monitor for this or something else?? Wondering if you’re abandoning the 3D mouse for this…

yes, I got the monitor for this and other tasks as well. we do have a DTF, laser and 3D business and need to do a lot vectorizing and color adjustments. the monitor is color calibrated and the touch/pen in a bonus.
it works similar to the 3DX where you assign actions to pinch, pan etc either globally or by application. it works very well actually.
but would I give up my 3Dx? 15yrs of muscle memory …. no, I still feel more comfortable using mouse and 3dx , but the big touch screen is nice from time to time.

and yes … we are talking mac

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This is a good question. I actually use a SpaceMouse Pro when using Shapr on my MacBook but I find the workflow on the desktop version is far less fluid than on iPad. I’ve found the Shapr is quite ‘laggy’ in response to SpaceMouse. I’m not sure if this is a common issue or not though.

Just tying this to Wacom post

Just wrote remotemouse, trying to talk them into making their app work as a 3D mouse…
How much would you guys pay for that??? An app that gave you a trackpad, so iPad like view control and shortcuts, just like the 3D connection Enterprise model.

While looking at this, I found this document. Looks like the 3D mouse is a joystick to the computer. Have anyone tried a joystick with Shapr3D??? I have a fancy sidewinder force feedback hidden in the addict somewhere. I consider go looking to give it a test…
Only gives 3 axis at a time (has twist for aircraft rudder), but using the trigger as modificer, you easily get the other 3. Or use the mini joystick at the thumb…
I’m sure many of you have a kid that need at new joystick. Or just grew out of it. In my case, it was the kid that got old…

pdf link

I’ve been using a Wacom tablet and SpaceMouse pro on Mac since about a month after the Mac version of Shapr was released.

I’ve mapped most every button to my liking, including the pen.

The beauty of using the Wacom/SpaceMouse combo is it so closely follows the UX of the iPad.
The behavior of the Wacom versus a mouse, for example, (Magic Mouse in my case) is the Wacom doesn’t need a modifier for multiple selections.

My keyboard sits above/behind and I use it for numerical and search input.

Once I dialed in this setup, I can model faster on my Mac than my iPad. And having the extra screen size is great when having items and history sidebars open. I’m still on a 27” 2020 iMac and it runs smoothly, but it’s beginning to show it’s age.

I honestly don’t even know how to use the Mac app without these peripherals :rofl: