Helix and Hypoid Gear Creation Tools

Trying to find a solution that would allow for Conical Helix and Hypoid Ring Gear creations. I create mechanical models and can’t seem to make it work. I love the software, but could really use interface tools to model gears of this nature.

You mean something like this ?

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Mr Jack

Nice, would you mind proving a short video for the team here, on how you did this? It’s a great example. McD

Reality check. Shapr is not really that tool. Sure most can probably approximate gears okay for a toy. Better maybe to find an accurate existing model and import it into your design. What goes into gear design? Mucho engineering! Don’t get me wrong the subject of gears fascinates me and I’d love a tool too!. Here is some light reading :upside_down_face:

Now I remember why I hate apple products :expressionless:
Freaking complications everything is a maze and 5 gangolion GB :scream:
Why :sweat:
What did I do to you :sob:

Thanks for everyone’s input, it is what I came here for. It most certainly is a complicated component. I was just asking for a tool that could piggy back, or support the revolve function. I have been generally able to create helix and spiral helix gears, but have not been successful in creating a conical helix or spiral conical helix. If a body could be extruded, then one end rotated to provide the necessary twist it may prove helpful. That just covers the pinion side, but to create matching ring gears with different angle profiles has proved to be very time consuming. I understand that the actual process is precision, but I don’t need that level of accuracy. I do also get that I have a great limitation using IOS. I’ll post images of some of my attempts and successes soon.

Quality job require time
For tools always think out of the box on how to use :wink:

I must reply directly. Thank you very much for your video tut. Ironically, I used the same method while tweaking my brain. Using the profile from a gear upload to see if I could duplicate it. I used a sketch plane traced the profile, then projected it on a conical surface. I then used the sweep tool on the projected line, it didn’t quite produce the results that I was looking for. So, tried using an Archimedes spiral, but had been trying to figure out which degree and direction to move the arc ends into position to create the spiral form when you posted this. It helped me finish, but it is a lot of work to do. Note: My arcs were in 90 degrees and not 180s. Props to you for the work around.

You can skip a few steps:


Wow I was trying to do that but gave an error :dizzy_face:

Thank you :grinning:

FYI: You can select the whole sketch at once instead of one by one

Oooh you use move and rotate tool
I was still getting error :laughing:

Error or extruding

How would I get a nonlinear slope in the coil? I’m trying to re-create this design previously designed in Fusion 360.

I attempted to project a spline onto a cone but couldn’t quite figure how to wrap the projection when the projecting from the front. Guess I’ll try projecting from top down?