Hide and unhide parts

I have a 300 part assembly and want to hide everything but 4 parts. You can hide all parts with one tap. But there is no way to unhide any sub components.

Currently the only way is to hide all 300 parts one at a time, without hiding the 3 or 4 parts you don’t want to hide. After hiding them one at a time you unhide any part.

Any plans on enhancing the hide feature?

In a few weeks we will release a version where the imported assembly structure will be mapped to Shapr3D folders. That will allow you to do that by showing/hiding subfolders.

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I would also suggest that when you double click on a part, you may have the option to hide the part like it is offered by other CAD viewers. This is interesting when you have a complex design, a full design of a machine for example and you would like to remove some covers, mechanical parts so to analyze better the inside.