Hide - unhide

Posted this before just wondering if their has been any thought’s of implementing a command that can do Hide/Unhide (not isolate) this faster than having to find in many sections of the folders where that one part that was previously hidden is at.

Is there a easy way to hide or unhide a large number of parts at once instead of having to pick them one by one. It looks like the holding the shift key down does not work when trying to pick multiple parts. This would be very helpful.

Thank you

Hey if you double click on the part you want to isolate, look at the lower left there is an icon with and circle and arrow, you can just click on it .

I understand the whole isolate command but that is not what i am looking for. If i hide one part and it is in a folder on in a section of many parts i would take a long time to find it there needs to be a unhide all so that you can save a lot of time from looking for the hidden part. Would like to hear what the Shapr3D think of this issue.

Thank you