Is there a shortcut key to hide bodies?

It’s really long winded to constantly scroll through the list to activate/deactivate bodies. I tend to drag the selection tool to highlight all the bodies I want to hide then go through the list hitting the eye icon. Would be so much easier if I could just hit a keyboard shortcut.

While I’m at it, the Items list should have a toggle switch for show/hide all bodies.


Hi @automatom, good point. We’ll certainly need to improve how a large number of bodies can be handled in Shapr3D, not just hiding and showing, but in general.

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this to difficult when we make a concept with many revision, we need to improve the general sub assy, that wasting time.

@Istvan, any updates on that? It is impossible to efficiently work with shapr when you repeatedly need to hide / show a selection of bodies/sketches with 100+ items in the list.

Have you tried to isolate a body or a group of bodies?

I did. Object isolation is not an option, because it hides all other objects, which I dont want. Also, it does not allow me to work on other parts while it is locked/isolated.

I agree that this is a problem. Why on earth right-click-to-hide-selected-object is not an option escapes me. Currently, I tap to select an object, then go hunting around in the list for the highlighted item. This can take a while when you have many objects nested many layers deep in folders. This problem is further compunded by the repeated need to turn objects on and off when working.

Unnecessary friction in basic operations seems like a common theme and a frequent oversight in Shapr3D. I have posted on several others on the past. I sometimes get the impression that Shaper3D is not tested enough in real-world scenarios.

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We understand the need and adding that option to the context menu is quite high on our backlog. We actually wanted to add it when we first added the context menus, but there were certain technical limitations that need to be addressed first.

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Thanks for the reply @Peter_Gy. Good to know that usability issues are on the radar. Small issues like this can add up to significant friction. I’m sure that many users appreciate the attention to keeping Shapr a smooth-running experience, especially as ever more complexity is added.