How can I make this

I need to be able to use shaper to make a path inside a K like for a Cribbage Board…

My drawing sucks but I hope you get the idea

The blue is the path…

And I need to lay 1/8 inch holes on that path for a Cribbage Board 151 of them have to follow that path

I wanna save as an SVG

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Have you tried adding text, then exporting the sketch? The format you want isn’t there, but you should be able to use DXF, no?

I can add a big K as far as text goes…

But I need to run that path inside of that K…

Should be simple you would think

Can I just have a big K and then do lines and arcs and follow that make my own path?

I first created a letter ‘K’ by laying out 151 x 1/8" holes spaced evenly.

I then connected the holes with a line and used that line to create an offset for the edges of the board.

ok 3 sketch planes and 6 bodies, but can i just create a Letter “k” Text then add the sketch planes?

And the square corners will not work i need to round then with arcs…

Looks like you had an offset, mine was going to be in the middle the the k legs as I would call them… and 2 rows on the base of the K, i think that is my problem…

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Only one body and one sketch plane for the ‘K’.

One of the bodies is the Granite Table. The remaining four are the pegs.
One of the sketches is the Granite Table. The remaining sketch is the word ‘Cribbage’.

I wasn’t sure where exactly the line of holes should be. In your drawing one of the rows runs in the centre of the upper angled part of the letter while another row runs close to the edge of the lower angled part.

I could easily have arranged the holes to be in the centre of each.

More like this, what i was saying an Arc…if that make sense…

I need to make my own SVG file, i am just making a k, and i only need one path line, but with rounded arcs so my holes will flow my path

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So, if I understand you correctly, you want a single path as opposed to the 4 paths in the above image and the paths should be sweeping an arc around the corners rather than the sharp turns that I made in my drawing?

Just like you did it, it one path start t finish like a cribbage board bit arc around the corners and centered liek in the pic on the legs of the k.

Just think of the path like my original picture if you can, my path was suppose to have arcs in it but it was hand drawn

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It’s 1:10am here in the UK and I think I need to get some sleep.

I’ll maybe take another look at it tomorrow.

For sure good night!

it would be nice to see how you created that however, i don’t see how i can put circles on a path… plus i have to create a 4 player system, you cannot have a one player game like in your video … so it would be 4 circles on a path centered on the k…

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I recreated this model from the image you posted…

Credit to the original designer EScustomWoodwork for the inspiration to recreate this model.

You can view the original ‘K’ design along with many more great designs at the link below:

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Wow all I have to say is can I get a video on how to make it! I just wanted to make a K out of it not the rest but it is cool!

I just can’t see how on shapr I tried all day I need at least a start…

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Regarding the SVG, please make sure the DPI is set correctly in the export flow. Different software use / expect different DPI values, so it’s usually a good practice to check your other software, what is it’s preferred DPI, and export in that one.

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I was about to message the same thing.
It seems the ratio between the two measurements is the same as the ratio between 72dpi and 96dpi

It was 72 i had to use, that worked great! now can you at least help me get a start at how you drew the k? and how to align the holes with a follow path idea maybe?

Or how you can t figure out eh measurements for the K? that’s crazy, i did other things ok, but this I thought would be easy and it is hard…

I tried to export this to an SVG, and i was successful, however the file size is so huge it is unusable I exported to 72 dpi to make the dimensions correct from the normal 96, but when I use it in a program for my machines the nodes are so many it will not upload and there just to much info…

I tried pdf but shaper wants me to pick a body when there is none… I just want teh sag or drawing simplified i guess any ideas?

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I am unable to make any suggestions on how to resolve the issue with your drawing as the model I created was only intended as a guide; I do not wish to be party to any potential copyright infringement.

I took the time to research the image you posted to discover the original designer of the piece, EScustomWoodwork and with his permission have subsequently given him credit alongside the video of my model.

I can only suggest you reach out to Erik at EScustomeWoodwork by navigating to the contact link in the website below: