How can I seperate a peace of a part?

I have made a kitchen knive and each half of the grip is a single part of the model. Now in export I want to achieve that the surface on the top side is separated as an individual part, not connected to the rest of the grip, so that I can apply different texture in the rendering software.

I tried it with split body tool, but even though the process seemed to work without errors, there isn‘t added any separate part, and as well the whole grips half is marked by double tap.


Ah, update. I could make it with the splitting tool. It was a misunderstanding from my side with the related workflow.

Still my question if there is any better way, then defining another surface as the splitting achsis, because now, in regards of accuracy I have gained a small margin, as I need to go slightly under the surface I want to have as a separate body.

Is there any better way? Possibly to just mark the surface and then say something like separate?

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Are you trying to make an ‘Inlay’ for the handle?

If so, then maybe try projecting the profile onto a plane then using that sketch to both create the inlay and the recess…

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Hello Steve, thank you very much for spending your time in recording those example videos, to help me. This would be a solution to my problem. I will try it.

The reason I need those parts separated is the my original knives do have different wood grain on top and side of the handle.

When rendering I just chose different wood textures for those parts. Like here:

Anyway, your suggestion should make it. Thanks a lot.

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