How do you create the appearance of a seam around a curved shape

Hello. I have an organic shape (visualize a deformed apple). I want to make it appear there is a horizontal seam that goes around the whole shape so it looks like you could take it apart. How would one go about this? Is there an easy way to put an 1/8” groove or something around a curved shape so its. Consistent depth all the way around? Thanks!

A simple (relatively) would be to duplicate the β€œapple” and scale it down a bit inside the apple. Hide it temporarily. Cut the original apple with a rectangle extruded through it. Then un-hide the smaller apple inside the big apple and then add them together


Perfect! Thanks for the idea.

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Extrude a rectangle with the top surface aligned with intended cut. Use split body tool with face at top of extrusion. Isolate one half and bevel edge. Repeat with other half and combine. Delete extrusion.