How to build a spiral like this?

I built this model on my PC with Sketchup, and I want to make a twin in Shapr3D. However I find it difficult to draw a 3D sprial or something like that, has anybody got an idea?

Welcome to the forum @apricot
At the top right of every page in this forum you will find a Magnifying Glass Icon.
Tap on it and enter:

Jubilee Church

Then tap Enter

In the list that appears click on:


Also Search for


You may have to click on the Keyboard Icon at bottom right to reveal More

This one is a verical shape with two sprials more than 360 degrees, I not sure if that case can be of help…

Have you attempted to Search?

Yes I viewed that thread, and it’s different, it should look like this TMScreenshot_2020.05.09-09.15.49|690x412

would this work?


Sorry if I failed to explain fully in my Post:

Have you Opened the Search Facility and Typed in the word Spiral and then accessed the More feature as described.
Given experience with SketchUp I am assuming that you would be capable of garnering sufficient information to set you on a productive route to achieve your objective.

As a Member I am suggesting where you could start looking for clues to solve your problem. Presently I am too busy to offer a detailed ‘How to’.

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OMG this is great, THANK YOU!

:+1: I am glad that it helped.

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Really Thank you! Problem solved!

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Just a feedback, I find that when I use spline cruve to draw a line and offset it, the points on the new curve is oddly too many that I can not push the surface it forms.
A video is attached to explain.

I drew another spline curve to build my model, but I’m sure this bug should be fixed.(maybe limit the number of possible points on a curve?)

hi @apricot, it is not a bug, this is just how the math works behind it. You could observe the same thing in Rhino, Solidworks, etc. Offset curves of splines are complex.

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You are correct. It’s not a bug, it’s the I-dont-understand math, jajajaja. I should go and learn more.

Your Video seems to show that there was difficulty Pulling the Closed Sketch up into a Body?
Accepting the above as true I created a Spline and followed the process through without experiencing any problems. Create the first Spline using less Control Points to see if that helps.
Having created a similar Spline with 21 Control Points and achieving a similar end result, albeit the Edge curves being less smooth, the problem you experienced does not appear to be linked to the Number of Control Points.
Sketch > Spline selecting the Control option and utilising 6 Points:

Fast forward to the Closed Sketch and forming the Body:

In the interests of clarity, for the Community, Tools > Move/Rotate selection of the Edge to Drag downward creating the desired Body:

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