How to create this lip?

I’ve been trying to model simple items around the house to improve my 3d modeling skill but I am getting stuck on creating this lip. I can easily enough create the body through a 2d sketch and revolve, but I am having trouble with creating the cutout and transforming that with the curvature for a pouring lip. Do you guys have any advise?

Additional Image

Additional Image (The forum will only allow me to post one at a time for now, sorry for the multiple posts)

Hey, we have a video on modeling a mocha pot, it’s not a tutorial, but around 50 sec, there is a great part about modeling a similar lip. Here is the video

Hope it helps


I’m trying to go through this, but I am getting an error that I can’t seem to fix.

I am trying to use the shell tool on the lip+body, but unlike the video, I am getting a “operation failed, invalid result body” when shelling any value over .16in

I’m guessing this is a result/interaction of shelling the lofted extrusion and the body. Do you have any more insight?

Can you please send a video / picture of the problem here?

If you consider this is possibly useful, bearing in mind that thickness, curves and so on are under the control of the User, I will compose a brief illustrated explanation of how to create something similar:

I have assumed that you are happy with your Jug creation, this would simply be used in Tools > Union or Tools > Subtract as desired.

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