Traced an image, trying to unite and extrude. Stumped!

Hi everybody, first time poster and newbie to Shapr3D. I traced an image of this dog and cannot figure out why I can’t unite everything then extrude. I’m making it into a plant stake as a Christmas present. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It seems like you used construction sketches. Use area selection to select all of them, and covert to Regular sketch.

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Got it! Thank you. Now it extrudes as one body, but I’d like to delete the inside. Any advice?

Either select only the outer layer when extruding, or after extrusion, select the inner part and push it through the body. It will automatically subtract it.

Or you can also select the top and bottom face, and use the Shell tool.


Got it! Perfect plant stake for my grandma that looks like her dog. Thank you!


Very cool idea!