I lost all of my work after a reinstall

In microsoft store, the update is jammed, so i press uninstall (the uninstall says, it wont touch my documents), then I install it.
How can i get back my workspace with my models?
Everything is gone.

Hi @Marton,

If Sync was enabled, all your designs are stored in the Shapr3D Cloud also. Logging in with the same Shapr3D account after reinstalling Shapr3D will provide you access to them.

Please open a support ticket using the link below and let us know the email address of your Shapr3D account for further help:

Hi @KPeter ,

No, Cloud was not enbled, but uninstall says, its not touch my documents. Ofc, I use the same account, because I have a monthly payment subscribe.

Can you please tell me where did you see that message? If it was in Shapr3D, then we’ll check it immediately. However, if it was prompted by Windows, we may not have an influence on it.

Designs are stored offline on your computer in a format that can only be opened from Shapr3D. If you have not enabled the Sync feature, I’m sorry to say that, but the designs were removed with the uninstall of Shapr3D.

When I reinstall a game, the saved games are never deleted from documents.
When I reinstall microsoft office, its never delete my documents.
When I reinstall a video/image editor, its never remove my videos or
images from the hdd.
Where are my files? I really don’t understand this logic.
Where Shapr create the files? I try to undelete them.


The files are stored in the UWP file space in a folder that is created with the installation of Shapr3D. This file handling proves that Sync works automatically across Windows, iPad, and macOS platforms. Although the files in this folder are stored in a format that cannot be simply opened, exporting from Shapr3D in the native format is always a solution for external storage. The install folder is cleared after uninstalling Shapr3D.

Games, Office, and video editors may not sync to the cloud, or if they do, they use a less embedded cloud platform that is installed independently from the software you sync the files from so the files appear as saved externally. That way deleting the application will not affect the externally saved files which is also true for those files that were exported from Shapr3D.

Sorry to hear about the predicament.

I am not sure this will help as I am on MacOS and iOS AND does backups (especially versions of this folder).

I frequently store complete versions on and off line of:


Maybe you can find an equivalent path in Windows in a backup.

(To restore just a specific previous workspace I find the one I need in the folder (some clue is in the folders and time stamps). Then go off-line for safety. Copy the found one like 0c867574-e2a4-4607-8d4f-463c721c8de0 an alter some singel character to get new workspace. Starting Shapr now gives a recovered “untitled project”. Earlier I had some success with importing just a file after renaming but that does not worked last I tried. And a complete workspace-folder restore feels anyhow safer.)


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If you are using windows download Filescavenger it can recreate files on a harddisc that has been deleted.

One important thing is that you should not install or download any to the same disc.

Filescavenger has saved med a few times