iCloud sync / sync between Sharp3D iPadOS and macOS


is there a way to enable iCloud sync for Shapr3D on iPadOS and macOS? I’d like to work on models on both platforms (not in parallel). Thus a way to sync between those would be nice.



Hi Mike,

At this very moment we don’t support syncing models across different instances of the app.

However, what I can tell you is that we have something in the works on this so stay tuned for news & updates! :slight_smile:



Looking forward to the launch of this feature; At the very least, there should be a more perfect function of file management, which is a little confusing at present.

The following workaround I use for syncing models: in my iCloud folders one is dedicated to 3D-models. I use Shapr3D both on my iPad Pro and Mac Mini M1. On existing models from earlier designs I use STP-import. Newly created or modified 3D-models in Shapr3D I export both as SHAPR and STP files to de folder on iCloud. The iCloud files form the basis and I use Shapr3D as an editor.

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