Imported step file invisible

Hi folks. I am having a difficult time importing some step files for editing. One particular file I import to Shapr3D on my iPad Pro is completely invisible. I thought, at first, it was needing to be scaled up, but that doesn’t work. It shows the body as visible in the workflow area, but there is nothing to see, edit, or modify. To ensure the step file wasn’t corrupted, I opened it in A360 without issue. Since I am not getting an error when I import, there doesn’t appear top be anything wrong with it…so I am kind of stuck.

Any advice?

Edit: I would upload the step file in question so folks can look at it if they want, but as a new user I am unable to.

Hi! Could you please check in the items list if the file is successfully imported? It can happen that it is placed far away from the origin of the coordinate system.
In the meantime your user name has been upgraded, you should be able to upload the file :slight_smile:

I don’t see any error with the import. I look in the items list and don’t see anything off.

Thanks for the account upgrade! Here is the file in question:

Part_Cooling_Duct_-_High_flow (1).step (192.3 KB)

Hmm, I can confirm that it imports as an invisible file. We will investigate it!

I appreciate it!

Interestingly, I selected the body from the items list and tried to move it, and the app crashed.

Hence you see my confusion.

We are investigating the issue, both the invisible body, and the crash that happens with it, thanks for reporting!


Thank you!

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