Importing Text as DWG or DXF

Hey everyone :wave:t2::wave:t2:

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing problems importing DWG or DXF text files? I’ve created a line of sample text in illustrator CS2 and exported to both file types and neither will load in Shapr3D.

Pictures that I’ve live-traced have exported / imported just fine and used the same export/import method.

I’m sure it must be some obvious step I’m missing, but would anyone kindly prod me in the right direction?

Muchos Gracias


Hi. We are sorry to hear that.

Did you do an Object / Expand with your text selected inside illustrator?
Than try putting the generated paths in to your root Layer in illustrator. (It seems we dont support nested groups in illustrator yet)

Now the import should be successful, but because certain curve types are not supported yet it might have some missing information. We will try to fix this bug soon.

I did all of the above, and ungrouped everything - but not sure what you mean about root layer. Sorry, complete noobie here on illustrator. I’ll try & figure it out & let you know if it works.
Thanks for the feedback

See my explanation above, good luck!

Nested groups are not an issue anymore with 3.21. Not supported Splines imported from Illustrator are being fixed, should be fixed soon. :wink: