iPad - 4.0 - 2D drawings are finally here!

Yes !! That’s what I was talking about.


Wow just saw this and spent a quick 5 minutes with it before work. Very cool can’t wait to play with it a lot more tonight.


Hi, I have a pro user account but not seeing the new 2D technical drawing feature as yet, do I need to update or something?


Hi! Yep, you’ll get the new feature when you install the update :slight_smile:

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The restore subscription setting doesn’t appear to be working, can you help?

Go to the App store and Select Shapr3D. It may say Open. Don’t. Select Shapr3D as if you were looking into the app. Once there you will see the Update button.


By Jove that has don the trick, thank you very much :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I checked it out quickly
looks good to start with: =)

We absolutely need a snapper that automatically centers the numbers in the middle of the lines.
This is very tedious manually.

I cannot dimension 3D views, for example this radius.
I cannot activate any hidden edges in the 3D views.



Hello i live in sweden but cant se any update on appstore

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The solution is two posts up, from TigerMike.

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Activate hidden edges on an entire view, so far so good: =)
But I guess dimensioning on a 3D view doesn’t work (yet)?

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no, but it is on the roadmap :wink:

Updated in Appstore. Did not get drawings in Export

Hello Kai,

The drawings module is in 4.0.0.

Make sure you go to the Product Page on the App Store. As @TigerMike explains above: 4.0 - 2D drawings are finally here! And new pricing - #7 by TigerMike

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Oh! Thanks.

Thanks so much for adding drawings. It’s a great start. This is the push I needed to purchase pro (before today so I saved some $$). I see you plan to add features. At this time can you customize the title block? Or is that a feature that will be added soon?

Where can I find the official roadmap?

Thank you

There is no public roadmap, also no ETA for this feature. Section view, detail view, auxiliary views, geometries also coming soon.

I wondered about the title block as well. Found that you change it in the drawing preferences dialog box, right after you “select bodies”. Early in the process. EDIT: Or name the body in folders before exporting.

What customisations would you need in the title block?