Opening File with 1000’s of Bodies

I use many large and complex files in my work. Sometimes the Software/iPad don’t have the capacity to open them and the program crashes.

All my files are well regimented and once opened I can hide many bodies which decreases load time and increases functionality.

Is there any way that I can open the list of bodies from the file first, then select the required bodies that will only be translated and tessellated when selected?

Currently I have to hope the file will open or use a second more powerful machine to break down the file and send it to the iPad in multiple parts.

Not sure if it helps, but as a workaround, you can use Shapr on desktop platforms (both mac and PC), you can do the breakdown there, and simply turn on Sync, so the file will show up on the iPad.

Currently you can’t interact with the file before the workspace is opened.

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Thanks for the reply @Laci_K.

I have tried this but i’m finding in that situation i’m still having to use different software to break down the file.

I think the main issue is the size of the files I’m using, some are 3Gb+. Even on a powerful machine I’ve waited 8hrs plus.

Obviously I can work around this as you state, I guess it was more of a question as to whether anything had been considered.

I simply love how Shapr3d works. I have other things I can use but this is by far and away my favourite piece of software in years!

That’s very like too big for the iPad to handle, and it runs out of memory. Do you have the 16 GB iPad? That might be able to do it, but I’m still not sure. iPadOS 16 will introduce virtual memory for M series chips, but even with that, the limit one app can use is 16 GB.

I know… lol, I’m just greedy :joy:

Yes, I have the biggest and best they did until the new release today, even then I do’t think it will help.

This is why i question a feature where I can strip bodies from the file before I open a workspace. That way I can hide huge amounts of complex bodies that I don’t require and optimise my model.

Unfortunately working with large companies like Mercedes, Ford and Scania, they will only send me a full vehicle, usually broken down into circa 10 STEP files. This issue is they have every last nut, bolt, washer and clip.