Just saw your advert

…and would like to know on which evidence you based your assertion that an iPad pro is more powerful than 85% of PCs?


It is not our advert. It was made by the owner of the page. But Phil Schiller said that in the iPad Pro keynote:

Watch it from: 7:09

The iPad Pro is a beast. I am using it for so many things not only for Shapr3D. I am working on it the whole day. Do some work in Pixelmator and compared to my Mac it is damn fast. The guys from Affinity said that Affinity Photo / Designer once ready will be super fast on the iPad Pro. They compared that to an 12 core Mac Pro.

If Apple is going to release an iPad Pro 2 later this year it will be even faster and honestly I think the iPad and Shapr3D are the best team!

Just my 2¢

Thanks for the clarification! I really like the look of the software - it seems to be marrying complex design with an ease-of-use interface that strangely seems to be lacking given the tech we now have at our fingertips!

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