List with items not shown after export

Hi. I want to show my project to my colleague. My project is a box with electronics inside. When I send it to him he only can see the box. He don’t get the menu list with all the items so he can hide and show the items he want. There is only one name that says “Unnamed Config 0” He don’t use Shapr3D, but he have tried different CAD viewer software on windows 10. How can I send it to him so he get the list with all the items? I have exported my project in STEP IGES X_T and STL format.

Are there any components that are hidden when you are exporting them?

Thank you for reply. There was a miss understanding between me and my colleague. I thought he had tried different CAD viewers, but he had only used eDrawings. Now he have tried free CAD and then he get the list of parts, but not the best viewer. Turns out it’s only eDrawings that have this problem.
Can you recommend a good CAD 3D viewer we can use?

HOOPS Visualize is pretty good: