Mac - 4.6 - Sketching and modeling step-ups

Hi everyone!

We have a petite update for Mac with some plus-size perks :rocket: Download version 4.6 to get your hands on the latest and most refined version of Shapr3D for Mac.

Here’s what you can expect in 4.6:

  • When you select a 3D body in the design space, you’ll see the body’s name at the bottom of the screen, along with the related measurements.

    FYI, you can rename bodies in the Sidebar’s Items manager.

  • Every time you hover over sketch fillings’ center points in 3D mode, they’ll be highlighted — even if you’re not actively using any sketching tool.

  • If you’ve searched for commands while sketching, you probably noticed that the search bar would also suggest commands that aren’t actually usable in sketch mode. We made sure the search bar will make sensible judgements from now on and only show sketching-related commands in sketch mode.

  • The Project tool will no longer act up when you try to project a face with a filleted edge onto a construction plane. If you need a refresher on the tool, here’s an article for you.