Mystery-meet UX is poor

Having buttons hide/show depending on the precise position of the mouse cursor is poor UX.

Thanks for the feedback! That menu bar should not move – and it does not on any version I could check now.

Could you please share:

  • The exact version of Shapr3D
  • Your macOS version
  • Whether this happens all the time or just occasionally
  • If you had to do something to trigger this behavior

Thanks for helping us get to the root of this!

Frustratingly, I cannot currently reproduce this behaviour.

Shapr3D was in full-screen mode, on an external monitor.

Shapr3D: Version 5.123.0 (3160)
MacOS: Monterey 12.4 Beta (21F5071b)

It might be a beta OS bug. We don’t support beta OS versions, since in many cases, they have bugs, which are fixed by Apple before the final release.

But let us know if you run into it in the release OS version.

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Since you’re in the macOS beta program, the 12.4 release candidate is available. It’s 21F79. Try updating and checking it again.

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