More scribbled notes

  • Both sweep and revolve are very touchy about the closed curve not intersecting itself. It’s not a problem conceptually, only as an implementation detail. Specially annoying when the intersection is just pivoting around a point, like when you try to chamfer the edges of a flat-sided object.

  • In a sketch, you can’t dimension the same pair of points twice. Sometimes you’re trying to give horizontal and vertical distances and really want to.

  • I was playing with transforms. It turns interesting when instead of rotating a body, you rotate just some of the faces, or even just the outlines of faces. It seems like there’s some really interesting model of an object hidden inside there, pretending to be just a 3D CAD object.

  • I have no idea how to work replace face, except that it has a lot to do with that cosmic object model. It’s possible if you can figure this out you can transcend reality.

  • For 3D printing, though a lot of my models are dimensioned in inches, the STL files always have to be millimeters. So I have to change it, export, and change back.

  • Directory structure for designs, please.

  • There’s something about fit point splines that’s not normal. It’s usually just a modified quadratic spline, but this one is different. If you bring the control handles very close to the points, they repel the curve. I don’t know that I’d change anything (it would be hard without breaking existing designs), but it’s a little odd.

One more problem with using revolve for helices. You can’t make a helix from a profile that’s perpendicular to the axis, because you can’t start with it with a height of zero.

Anyway, the more I use it, the more of a problem the self-intersection limit is.