Motorcycle Taillight

This time last year I used Shapr to design and machine a taillight for my chopper.
We exported the design as a STEP to Feature CAM to make a tool path.
It was a fun and rewarding thing to see a design on Shapr become a functional part on my motorcycle.


Woaaaah! Now that’s super awesome! Can you post a picture of the entire chopper? Looks very cool!

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Thanks! It’s still a work in progress :+1:t2:

I’ve been using AR preview to visualize part designs as well, which is REALLY cool.


OMG, this is amazing! Keep us posted about your progress!


Absolutely! Thanks!

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Sieht ganz toll aus, Gratulation.

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Looks fantastic. I would probably consider adding a weep hole and coat the hell out of the PCB.

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The led boards are waterproof, but I also sealed the housing.

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Beautiful work AND one of the rare examples of something actually, physically created using shaper.

@Ting much appreciated. There’s a lot of people making parts from their Shapr designs. :+1:t2:

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