Multiple features: transferring the edge of a 3D object to a 2D sketch with the move (copy) function, sketch cap finder, auto lock sketch function, exception discovery tool

Transferring the edge of a 3D object to a 2D sketch with the move (copy) function:

Now when I select 3D object edges, enable move mode with copy and move, this happens:

What I`d like to happen when I select copy, that it would copy the edges as a 2d sketch, wich would be really helpful when you want to create lid to object etc. Now I have to make the sketch on the object by hand wich is slow and adds more error possibilities

Sketch cap finder:
Sometimes its really hard to find where the sketch has a cap so you ca nt extrude it, make a tool to find caps in selected sketch. For example I`ve made a complex model with alot made with offset tool and theres a 0,001 mm cap somewhere, sketch looks connected but no extruding is possible because of the tiny cap.

Auto lock sketch function:
It very often happens that I find out too late that the sketch I created has the wrong dimensions, because the program’s automation has distorted the sketch somewhere in the drawing. This is because I forgot to lock some part of it. I would like a function that, when turned on, the program locks each line after I have drawn it.

Exception discovery tools:
Some built in tool to find anomalies on your objects or sketches. I`ve had my object ready to go to printer when I see it has some odd walls. Usually this has happened because of the unlocked sketch problem. For example, a tool that checks if the sides of the sketch are identical and if not it visually shows the deviations.

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