My Custom Text Helper

Yikes!! I never thought that if I uninstall Shapr that all my drawings might be gone. I hope that is not the case. I guess I should starting exporting those periodically.

Yes, you want to save all designs in Shapr3D format to your Files (iCloud) folders. I use two iPads one at home, and one at the shop. The only common access I have between the iPads is via Files. All local work is lost if the App is removed.

Thank you @Yepher - after a quick play I can see many uses for this. After asking a question about text tools on the site a couple of weeks back I wasn’t hopeful of a solution but now I have one - yippee! I’ll be investigating how to put text on a curve in Shapr3d as @NathanD has done…


@mjmnz there’s no accurate AND quick way to do it that I know of, I just simply eyeballed it and placed each letter there manually…

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Thanks for the heads up @NathanD, that’ll save me going on a hunt.

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Works great! could be very useful instead of having to take a round-tour to my MacBook Pro. A humble request though; is it possible to compile it to work on iOS v13.7? I can not upgrade (on my main iPad) as I then will loose some important functionality (in an unrelated abandonware).

Thanks/ BKE

I will try and make it available for iOS 13.x+


The ornament font has a high number of line segments. I find it difficult to select all the line segments to fillet the ornament.

HI there, is it possible to make this app available on all app stores as I am in Australia?

It should be available World-Wide on iPad but I will double check,

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I was able to use this tool well. :=)
I turned an American watch into a European learning watch.
I simply edited the STL that is available on the Internet:

Here is a picture of my version:



I will definitely check this out.

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Many thanks for this very useful app. Currently, the straight-line segments on long curves, as you would find in an ‘O’ are quite long. I assumed that most fonts are defined as splines and hence the dxf version would be similar. If that’s not possible, is it possible to add a setting so that curves render at a higher resolution?
By the way, I found that the iFont app. is very good for finding and downloading fonts to the iP

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I noticed that the Mac version requires an M1. Is that because you didn’t have an Intel Mac to test a fat binary on?

No, it doesn’t. It works on Intel macs too.

But it would be super helpful to understand why you thought that. Do we mention this somewhere?

Available on macOS Big Sur only.

I also thought it was only for M1.
Luckily I have a dozen macs at my disposal and one is an M1 I ran it there works well.

PS: Using it on a mac you realize why using an IPAD is awesome.

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To get smooth curves on the text, which unfortunately doesn’t seem possible with this app, I’ve found a way to get this from Inkscape (free app. but not on iPad). See my post on “Import” shapes/text from .svg to avoid tracing


Shapr3D runs on all Big Sur supported macs:

There performance is definitely better on M1, so if you have multiple macs, I would run it on that one.