New drawings presentation


I’ve been having my first play with the ‘drawings’ and excited to see this develop (no.1 for me would be sections).

With regard to the general format I would make the following observations -

  • Ability to turn off title block and sheet border (when using the pdf as a backdrop in other apps such as Concepts),
  • Ability to overwrite title block info when needed,
  • First angle projection is not how architectural drawings are laid out. We tend to use third angle projection and don’t make reference to the projection in the title,
  • Some choice of line thickness output for pdfs (for me, using them as a backdrop in Concepts, they are a bit thick in the pdfs),
  • Ability to adjust text font and size,
  • Arrow line would look smarter with a short horizontal section leading from the text,
  • Alternative to the dimension arrow would be a 45° tick ‘/‘,
  • Ability to pick several points to produce a string of dimensions (quicker than doing several individual dimensions and then trying to line then up).

Just a few thoughts but generally having the drawings is a big step forward. I may not use the pdfs as intended but it’s a much better and easier transition to setting up my final drawings in Concepts. Nice work.