New features (o;

Good afternoon :wink:

Using Shaper3D since few days and like it very much…so I could convince my employer to but it for one year now (o;

Coming from FreeCAD Linux (and I still use it form time to time) I miss following features:

Non-uniform scaling
Seems it was requested since over a year now with an answer telling it was in the timeline…any progress on this? Especially for projecting text onto a non-planar surface this would be useful…but think in other areas as well (o;

Multiple move/rotate with copy
When I watched the motor design tutorial it made me wonder why there isn’t an option to specify the number of copies instead of selecting/moving one by one…
Especially when rotate/copy is involved…like I need 23 copies around a 360° circle.

Last but not least, an excellent small feature I like about FreeCAD:

Numeric input with calculation
This is really a time saver when drawing in FreeCAD. Instead of sketching first onto a piece of paper and calculate measurements and distance, I can enter in FreeCAD something like:

(23.7 - 17.85) / 3

Other than that I love Shapr3D so far…well…automatic iCloud sync between iPad and macOS would be nice (o;

But I am pretty sure more enhancements will come…just my opinion what I am missing during the transition to Shapr3D (o;


Something that popped up during my loudspeaker ball design…which is btw. really fun doing in Shapr3D :wink:

Probably many users here have a mechanical engineering or designer background and know exactly what to do at each step…

…but… (o;

How about a snapshot function to save the current state of a design when the design is open…so I could revert back to a known previous state…

I know that I can duplicate a design when I think that I am satisfied with the current progress and continue with the copy so that I can go back if I messed it up…which happens quite often as I am still in the learning phase…but switching back and forth isn’t quite intuitive (o;


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Almost forgot what I like better in FreeCAD (o;

To move/rotate the view I just use the mouse buttons…no additional pressing of the Shift key for rotating the view.

When set to “gesture” in FreeCAD you rotate it with the left mouse button…which couldn’t be used here of course…but the middle mouse button is not used…

Or make it a setting in preferences how someone would like to use the LMR mouse buttons…

We are planning to add / refine many navigation options in the coming months, this is also on the table :slight_smile:

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Excellent :slight_smile:

Gets then even more fun working with your great software :wink:

Ah forgot something again (o;

For my knob test to add the notches for a better grip I could just add a circle, angled it the same amount as the base knob, extrude the cutout and then rotate/copy…

As the number of copies/angle is missing…what about adding a “Repeat” command so the last manual copy/rotate or move is done again? That way my knob wold have been finished in no time :wink:

And as the designs are stored inside Shapr3D and not as regular files (well they are actual files on macOS…just weird naming/directories ;o)…

The home screen might work if you just have some few design files…but I would like to have the possibility to add folders there as well (and folders within folders ;o)…

So in my case of my openpnp machine I have the main folder and within subfolders for the parts belonging to a certain axis or tool function.

I already see the mess in my home screen coming when all different designs not belonging together fill up one screen :wink:

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