New to 3D- making an octopus! - (a little help please)

I did manage to do this - it’s a bit mongrel - I made a new circle, then made a cylinder, then shelled to 1.7mm. That was ok.

Then I made a smaller circle, into a cylinder, shelled it and stuck it on top. Somehow I’d need to stick it on the top of a tentacle section I guess.

I attached a pic of my tube-on-a-tube

I managed to “glue” my mini tube onto the tentacle end but it really is quite mongrel; I’m sure there’s a better way of doing it. ANything you can recommend I’ll give a go.

I attached pic 023.
Off for some sleep now but I am making progress I think.


Sorry mate in the middle of a house purchase at the moment so haven’t been online as much as I usually am. Hopefully you can get it sorted.

The easy way would be to just create one tube smaller, slide it inside and the union them. It might get a but more fiddly if these parts slope towards a cone (larger at one end than the other.)

The section view could be your friend here too so that you can see what’s going on in the inside, particularly if you wish to chamfer/fillet the internal edges.


No worries, I’m grateful for whatever time you have to help - you’ve helped heaps! No one else in the community has jumped in yet haha :smile:
Plus I’m in no hurry I’m making sure I can learn this stuff. I’m still wrestling with my 3D printer calibration that is all over the place.

Hope the house purchase goes well!

I have finally got my 3D printer working reasonably well and am experimenting with printing my octopus tentacles. Not going too bad. I’ll take a little video.

One of the two final things I’d like to learn is to make 3 sizes of little half circle cups 10, 13, 17mm in diameter - just like octopus sucker cups they have on their tentacles. I thought a great way of attaching these to the backs of the tentacles, would be to have a little 2.5mm diameter, 2.5mm high “stalk” on the top of each cup. That way, I could poke the stalk-cup into a 2.5mm hole in the tentacle, maybe with a little glue.

I’d need to learn two things (you might be able to suggest where a good tool to
start would be) - 1, make the cup and glue (union) a stalk on the top, 2, make a template kind of thing where I could just get a tentacle and “copy” a 2.5mm wide hole that goes through the 2mm shell, to wherever I wanted to place a sucker cup.

Anyway in the interim - I hope your house buying went well