New to Sharpr3d

I’m new to Sharpr3d, but not to CAD. I have been CAD literate since it went 3d 30yrs ago. I’m investigating this software for my Grandson, whose shown an interest in Design now he’s in Secondary School. My first issue. The trial version doesn’t include all the features, the online version demos are for the iPad version, using the drawing pen, we’re on a PC with 3D Connection mouse. They’re not the same, I’ve managed to produce some models drawing on my CAD knowledge. Why no Manual?

Hi @bobinessex , the trial version includes all the features. Which features are you missing? Or do you mean the free version? The free version indeed does not include all features.

The desktop and tablet versions are the same, the interactions are a bit different. Where did you get stuck?

You can find the manual here: Shapr3D Help Desk

We’re using the free version at the moment. It would be nice to be able to use the full version for say 14 days for free. The iPad uses a ‘pencil.’ After say drawing a line, you can lift the pencil off the screen to end that function. You can’t do that with a mouse on a PC. I found hitting backspace did the trick. Compared to the CAD I’ve been using, a lot of the functions appear awkward.

Well, yes, pen and touch interactions are a bit different from keyboard and mouse by nature.

What do you find awkward?