Non-uniform scaling suggestions?

Hello all. I know the question of non-uniform scaling has been broached multiple times so I won’t request the feature yet again. But as a hobbyist modeler and 3D fabricator, I would love a suggestion. I have created a design for a surfboard fin for my personal use by lofting a series of cross-sections. Having tried the first iteration of the fin, I feel the surface area (that is, the Y and Z dimensions) needs to be increased by, say, 20%, but I only want to increase the thickness (e.g., the X dimension) by a few percent. Can I accomplish this kind of revision without altering all of the cross-sections? Thanks very much in advance, and apologies if the answer I have overlooked is painfully obvious. (P.S., the tabs are separate objects. It is only the curved surfaces I have in mind to alter.) r


If it were a flat surface, it would be very simple, since it could simply be pulled out.
Since you are working with loft areas, this does not work because the entire cross-section is enlarged.
I may have a solution for your problem, check out my video that I made for you.
You then have to adjust the curves on the edges according to your wishes.

In all honesty, export it, any other CAD can scale in any axes.

If you don’t mind that your cross-section is just pushed apart, you can of course do this too, then adjust the edges again as desired.
see my second video.

Wow! Pascal, thank you very much for the quick reply and the suggestions. It will take me a while to digest, but I will let you know how it turns out. Much appreciated.

Don’t make it difficult for yourself, just do it with any other CAD:

Thank you again, Pascal. You’re right. I’ll export the components and make the revisions in Modo. Shapr has been fun and I find the Pencil-driven interface quite addictive, but I guess it is as yet incomplete. Certain things are a breeze while others are still a bit kludgy. Again, thank you for taking the time to give a thoughtful response. Cheers.

Nice :+1:t2: suggestion and It is lmportant in all works .