Ortho views

Hi all,

I really like the inclusion of ortho views, or course. :slight_smile: I am not sure if its just my workflow, but here are some issues I have with them:

  1. Double tap a face – If I specifically want a top/bot lf/rt view, I don’t feel 100% comfortable using a face as the camera view. What if that face is not aligned perfectly?

  2. When switching to an ortho view, the view is changed/zoomed so I have to reposition my camera, each time.

My suggestion would be to keep the double tap as a camera-to-face alignment tool, but to also have a different way to enter standard top/bot/lf/rt ortho views who’s camera positions are remembered from the last time you were in that top/bot/lf/rt view. Perhaps tapping the top right axis icon would switch to ortho view mode – or maybe better would be to have a small button on the top/bot/fl/rt side of the axis icon that would enter that ortho view directly.

Any suggestions?

That’s how it will work, we just did not have time yet to do it :slight_smile:

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