Place ("BEND") flat shapes on an arch without extruding

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See the attached drawing. How can I place these “infinity” shapes onto the arch without doing a “replace face” to attach them. I’d like to keep the height of the extrusion on the infinity shapes uniform (2mm high) so don’t wan’t to >replace face or >subtract as, I think, that will make the edges of the shape taller than the middle. I just want to kind of "bend them around the arch. I tried placing one and then copying with a rotate but that did not maintain a uniform height of the shape. Should I “rotate around an axis” ? Not sure of the steps … appreciate the help

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I would start by drawing an annulus with curvature of cylinder or curve and thickness of your infinity piece.


Then draw your infinity piece perpendicular and tangent and Extrude and position thru larger piece.



I just used a circle instead of infinity profile but this can be anything.

Use the Intersect Tool and Voila you have your curved piece for Copying and positioning around main body.


Bigger screenshots…E43812B9-AB66-4CA5-91CE-A131C8BE7E2D 3482F1AD-1FAB-462D-B365-EC6FE79A001F

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Thanks so much :))
I will give this a try and let you know how I did

Yay it worked perfectly.
Thank you !

Glad it worked…



Great explanation here :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Exactly what I was going to recommend (an intersection with a cylinder of the appropriate height.

It is much easier to do this in AutoCAD, as you can create the curved surface by extracting the face, and then extruding as a surface the infinity shape, and trimming the curved surface, and then “Add Thickness” to the shape(s).

I have been using AutoCAD for over 20 years, and getting the tricks to use in Shapr can be… tricky.

Shapr’s solid-transformation algorithms are not as robust as in AutoCAD (where I can move the vertex of a solid, as well as the edge or face). Not to mention that sometimes moving an edge of a solid causes the connected surfaces to lose their planar surfaces.

I think this is more like a what-you-are-used-to question, in the 3d modeling flow there is nothing specific to shaper, it works like in any other (direct) solid modeling tool. I understand however that it can be tricky coming from AutoCAD.

If you ever have any issues with the robustness of modeling operations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Shaper is based on Parasolid (SolidWorks, SolidEdge etc. are all based on the same engine), so it should be pretty robust - if it’s not, then we will do everything to fix it.